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1. Introduction

The right to privacy, and in particular the right to the protection of personal data, is one of the values of FLUIDRA GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION S.L.U, (hereinafter, FGD), which is included in our Code of Ethics.

The purpose of this policy is to explain how FGD will process personal data that may be collected through the different forms that may be found on the FGD website. Your personal data will be processed confidentially and only for the purposes for which you have consented, as explained below in this General Privacy Policy and in each of the Privacy Policies of the different forms.

2. Commitment to privacy

FGD is fully committed to complying with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations and Rules and the regulations on the protection of personal data in force at all times, are a priority objective for FGD.

For this reason, FGD has taken the decision to implement the following principles, privacy being the basis on which all processing is configured:

  • Transparency in the processing of data is one of our priorities, so whenever we collect personal data about you, we will duly inform you in the relevant privacy policy of the purposes of such processing.
  • We will always process the data that are strictly necessary to carry out the reported processing.
  • We will never force you to provide personal data, unless they are really necessary to provide the service you request.
  • Wherever possible, we will provide you with simple means to control your personal data.
  • We will not share data with any third party, except those suppliers who provide us with a service, or with those we have previously informed you of and you have given your consent.
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