Catalogue of spare parts


FLUIDRA GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION S.L.U. mission is to ensure the availability of spare parts and to provide technical information on the products marketed or manufactured by the Fluidra Group, establishes a Management System policy aimed at offering products that fully meet the needs of its customers and comply with the expectations of the users of its products, by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with its commercial partners and suppliers for this.

Scope: Distribution and sale of spare parts for swimming pool and water treatment equipment.

The Management System policy involves all the organisation’s employees, with the Management being the party that assumes the leadership, motivating staff in order to involve them, orienting their efforts towards planning and prevention and providing the necessary resources so that the objectives are attainable.

FLUIDRA GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION S.L.U. sets Continuous Improvement as a priority objective, through optimal management of technical and human resources. This improvement contributes to:

  • Meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, through continuous improvement and quality objectives by making plans so that they can be achieved.
  • Identifying , assessing and managing risks at all levels of the company; at quality level, through controls, indicators and through process reviews to anticipate accidents and incidents.
  • Encouraging a high level of participation among employees, involving all staff to pursue the objectives and providing adequate working conditions in all company environments and ensuring a good working environment.
  • Establishing and meeting the objectives set by the organisation itself and the Fluidra group to which it belongs.
  • Commitment to society and professional ethics, complying with current legislation and guaranteeing the customer’s legal requirements.

A Process Based  Management (PBM) is established in FLUIDRA GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION S.L.U. as the basis for the organisation's work in order to establish the objectives

The Policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its adequacy and is also communicated to the entire organisation and stakeholders to ensure its implementation.


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